Amend the State Constitution to Improve Education

Those who care about children, education, workforce opportunity, high-wage jobs and the future of the State of Michigan must unite to amend the State Constitution, adding a right to a quality education.

This quality component added to Article VIII, Section 2, must include language to force the Michigan Legislature to fully fund a quality public education in every community, and define public education as exclusively not-for-profit, promulgated only in the public interest.

For decades, Michigan has been slipping down the rankings of U.S. states with declining industry, population, birthrate, and education outcomes. Most Michiganians have adjusted to a lower quality of life than their parents and grandparents, not because they wanted to, but because they had little choice.

Almost zero legislative innovation, negative investment, and tax breaks for business and wealthy neighbors have yielded the current state of affairs. Legislative atrophy has resulted in bad roads, bad water, a well-developed school to prison pipeline, and some children graduating while functionally illiterate. A small forest has likely been destroyed printing the sheer volume of reports, analysis, surveys, and punditry surrounding Michigan’s structural challenges from sources local, national, and international. Now we grapple with possibly the greatest challenge in modern American history: the social and economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.